Important information:

Matches are self-umpired and should be conducted in the spirit of fair play.
No one at this site or connected with the League can take responsibility for the safety or security of players whether playing on the courts or in the facilities associated with the leagues. It is the player’s responsibility to ensure the court is safe for play. By playing in the league, players confirm that they are not aware of any medical conditions that would prevent them from taking part in an active sport. Sometimes the interpretation of the rules requires fine judgements to be made and the organizer’s decision is final.

Note: While we will try to cover most of the Rules and organization instructions on this page it’s almost impossible to cover everything in just one page, please don’t hesitate to contact US Tennis League at any time if you have any question, they are a great group to get along with.

Balls and Courts

Balls: Must be of a good quality if not new and the home player/team should provide the balls.
Players have the right to object to poor balls (prior to the match). If the balls are objected to, and no alternatives can be found, the match must be re-scheduled.
For the Championship match, US Tennis League will provide new balls for each set!

Courts: Please allow for two hours of play. The home Team/Player will pay for the cost of the court if any. We expect most matches to be played on your league’s home courts, but if both players agree matches can be played at any appropriate venue and on any surface please share the cost.

What If?

If it rains before the match starts, the whole match must be re-scheduled. (Please be careful about making assumptions about the weather, if cancelling because of the weather, always contact your opponent and get a reply).

If it rains during the match…or court conditions deteriorate either player may decide to call a halt to the match, but the match must still be completed. Matches should be re-started with whatever the score was when play stopped.

If before the match (or after a first few points have been played) one player feels the court condition too slippery, or otherwise unsafe, they have the absolute right to ask for a postponement.

If a player does not show up at the agreed time, or is more than 30 minutes late, the other player can claim a forfeit and receive 40 points or the match can be re-scheduled. (Ideally the match would be completed at a later date.)

If you are cancelling a scheduled match make sure you get an acknowledgement from your opponent. If the message does not get through, the match may be deemed a forfeit.

If a player wins a match through a forfeit they receive 40 points for the win, but forfeits do not count toward the S-Rating points. For S-Rating points to be awarded at least one game must be played and completed.

Scoring Rules

  1. Scores are entered by clicking the “Report Score” button on your schedule page
  2. Matches will be the best of three tie-break sets
  3. You get 50 points for every match you win.
  4. If you lose a match you will get:
    • 0 points if you forfeit.
    • 10 points if you play and complete at least one game.
    • 30 points if you win at least one set
    • basically you will get 0 point if you don’t play, 10 points for playing at least one game and an additional 20 points for every set you win, for example if the match was completed and the score was 6-2 2-6 7-6, the winner will get 50 points(10+20–for winning set 1 +20–for winning set 3) and the loser will get 30 points (10 + 20–for winning set 2).
  5. The player/team with most points at the end of the regular season wins the division.
  6. If two or more players tie with the most points, the player with the higher S-Rating wins the division.
  7. The winner (or loser) of the match should report the score promptly. Both players should check the results published online, please contact us if corrections are needed.
  8. Tiebreaks are played to 7 points at any set not just the final set. (First player/team to 7 points by a margin of 2 points wins the tie-break and the set)
  9. When the score gets to 40-40, (deuce) a player must win two consecutive points to take the game.

Division Winners

At the end of the regular season, the player/team with the most points will be the division winner. If two or more players tie with the most points, the player with the higher S-Rating wins the division.
Division winners will receive:

  • Car Magnets at the end of the season.
  • Automatically qualifies for play-offs if they have marked themselves available on their ‘My Schedule’ page.
  • 1 free pass bonus, Division winners will be able to register at no charge the next league they play.

Playoffs and City Champions

Playoffs begins after the regular season to determine a City Champion for each playing level. At the end of the regular season the “League standing page” will show players ranking # and playoff qualification status on the very right, also Playoff schedules will be posted after the final day of the regular season. Please make sure to mark yourself as available to be included in the playoff draw. Teams will receive an email when the playoff draw has been published. Once the playoff draw is posted, playoff matches will automatically appear at the bottom of a player’s schedule with a deadline for the match


        • The top two teams per division automatically qualifies for playoffs.
        • In divisions with 8 or more players the top 3 teams qualify for playoffs.
        • Additional players may be selected to complete the playoff draw based on the League rankings.
        • Higher ranked players will have the home court advantage against all lower ranked opponents.
        • For the Championship match US Tennis League will provide:
          • *An Umpire for the match 
          • *New Balls for each Set.
          • *Match will be recorded and highlights will be posted on the Champions Wall.

        *(Subject to City Availability)

City Champions prize:


  • Car Magnets.
  • 1 free pass bonus, City Champions will be able to register at no charge next league they play.
  • Picture and highlights on the Champions Wall.
  • City Champion T-shirt.
  • Glass trophy with Player/Team name and level of play.
  • Player/Team will be included on the Grand Slam draw to compete with other city Champions of the same level of play for a chance to win $500 in cash prize.
  • $35 Dollar cash prize.

Grand Slam Champions prize:


  • $500-Dollar cash prize.
  • All Grand Slam matches will be umpired and video recorded by US Tennis League.
  • Picture and recognition on the Champions Wall.

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