Any kind of sport, whether it is football, basketball, cricket, squash, is good and beneficial for your health. Similarly, when you come to tennis, you’ll find out that it is one of the best sports to keep you fit. It involves movement from your upper body to lower body and your all body parts are involved in hitting the shots.

Tennis is an extreme physical sport and you need every part of your body in good shape to be a good tennis player. Lot of players who went on to become big names in tennis started to play tennis at a very young age. Starting your career at young age will give you enough time to learn and develop your skills.

There are plenty of reasons to choose tennis as your kid’s sport. A few of them are:

Healthy and Strong

Unlike other games, tennis is a sport where you need your whole body to make a shot. From mind to eyes to shoulders to arms to hands to core to thighs to legs to feet, your kid will be healthy and strong in each of the body part.

Physical Development

Tennis requires a lot of running, jumping, quick movements and use of your entire body. Tennis builds all the muscles in the body. The game helps your kid’s body to tone in good shape.

Mental Development

Mental strength is one of the major factors you develop in sports and tennis is a game which can put you in tough situations in every minute. It helps to make you mentally strong.

Hand Eye Coordination

Tennis is a great sport to build hand eye coordination. Kids who play tennis have to deal with the timing, speed and distance of each coming ball thus improving their hand eye coordination all the time.

Better immune system

Tennis is a very demanding & physical game. You must be in a perfect body shape to compete in matches. Being in best body shape will mean that your kid will be growing up in the best of health which makes his immune system better and more resistant to diseases.

Improving Muscular and Bone Strength

Tennis requires lot of energy and stamina. It involves constant movement, sudden stops, sideways movement, sprinting and quick changing of directions. This, if you think is one hectic of a workout and yet when you start playing tennis, you don’t even notice you are doing it. When all of your body is involved in making a shot, ultimately your muscles and bones will become stronger.

Teaches discipline

Tennis is a great sport to teach discipline to your kids. It’s not like running or cycling where you can become better on your own. Each shot in tennis requires a proper technique which can only be learnt from a trainer. Players need to listen to their coaches to become better players thus enabling discipline in them

Psychological benefits

Tennis is an individual sport and you do not rely on other players for you winning like in team sports. In tennis you are responsible for each of your action. Players learn how to deal with making mistakes, stress, losing and how to stay motivated. It also develops a work ethic, sportsmanship and problem solving skills in players

Social & Fun

In the last tennis is a fun game and it’s always a social game. There are categories for every group of age. Starting tennis, your kid can play tennis in groups and with other players. Making friends will keep your child to come out of the digital social life to actual social life.

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